How long does it take to learn a language on Duolingo?

What is the importance of language in our life? Well, the answer of this question will be like it is as important as your ability to speak because if there is no language, what will you speak?

How long does it take to learn a language on Duolingo?

Without language you will be able to make sounds, but they won’t mean anything. A person who can talk is different from a person who cannot talk because of the language he speaks. English, Hindi, French, Spanish and hundreds of other languages are there spoken by people of different countries all over the world.

How many languages do you know? Maybe 1 or 2 , or 3-4. It is not like you need to know many languages, one or two should be enough for a normal person.

But for someone who travels a lot internationally, the more languages he’ll know, The more It will be helpful to him, it could be embarrassing if you could speak only one language in other countries with different languages.

You have probably heard of Duolingo buy now, it’s basically an application which can teach you different languages quite easily.

Anyone can start learning any language he wants from Duolingo. But there is a question that how long does it actually take to learn a language from Duolingo?

I mean, one has been taught one or two languages from basics since his/her childhood, so if you decide  to learn a new one say at  your 18, how much time will it take ? We will ry to find out the answer of this question here in this article.

What is Duolingo?

Duolingo is  a American language learning platform, it is a website and mobile application where you can learn any language you want. It  also includes digital language proficiency assessment exam.

It is available at no cost for everyone, the application and the website are accessible without any charge, however for some extra features.

Duolingo also offers a premium service for  some fee. This language-learning website and app offers 106 different language courses in 38 languages. Arabic, English, Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Russian and many more languages.

The app has over 300 million registered users across the world.

How much time one will need to learn a language from Duolingo?

Well ofcourse, it is not like the time will be same for everyone, it’s definitely depends on the hard work and efforts one puts on learning it. What Duolingo does is that it teaches you some vocabulary of that particular language and a range of sentence structures.

The sentences may be absurd but the idea behind  this is to be able to take different words and plug them into the structure as taught.

For example, ‘A duck is taking a sandwich from the guineapig’ I mean this is such a sentence nobody would used normally but you will learn the words and that’s the whole aim.

From some opinions, like one hour per day for one year, should be enough for someone with the appropriate learning resources, if he is not able to have immersion in it.

While with immersion in it and if you are living and communicating where your desired language is spoken you can even learn the language in three months.

Other thing is whether you want to to reach fluency in your particular language or just enough so you can communicate, because for fluency you need to to talk in that language regularly. And also one can never know all there is in a language to know about it.

Time also depends on your chosen language. Means there are many languages which are easier to learn  while some others are difficult. For example Chinese is a language that can take someone up to two years to just  learn its alphabet, and within this time you can learn the whole French language.

Some also says, according to Duolingo it should take about 200 hours for someone to  reach about level A2, level A2 means enough of a language to navigate around on a visit so it should be fine for tourism purposes.

But that would not be enough to read the literature of that language  or like hold deep discussion with anyone about any topic. It’s not like you will be able to read Proust in the original French right after you complete the French course.

But if your object of the exercise is to start understanding the language, that’s definitely a viable goal with Duolingo. 

How Duolingo teaches you different languages?

So Duolingo teaches you different languages. Each language is called a ‘tree’ on Duolingo. In which you start from the basics, with very easy words and questions, it’s like playing a game so  you’ll enjoy it just like a game.

As you pass the levels you go on higher levels, words and questions becomes hard and hard. You can also work on different trees means different languages at the same time , French, Chinese, Italian whatever you want to.

Once you have chosen a language to learn means you have chosen a tree, each tree is sectioned into checkpoints.

For example in tree of French language there are 8 checkpoints. Each checkpoint has modules, number of which can be vary like 5-20. French language has a total of 155 modules.

And each of those modules has LEVELS, with a different number of Lessons in which there are questions. Each lesson has 12 questions in each level. From the beginning, level 0 has five lessons, level 1 has 10 lessons, level 2 has 15 lessons, level 3 has 20 lessons and level 4 has 25 lessons, that makes a total of 75 lessons per module.

Therefore it is known that you need to complete lessons in order to learn any language. How long it’s gonna take to finish a language in duolingo depends on how long it takes to finish one lesson.

And on average it takes approximately 2-4 minutes to finish 1 lesson at a conscientious pace. But this time should not be your concern as your goal should be to learn not complete lessons as fast as possible.

Now that it takes say 2 minutes to complete one lesson and we have seen above that there are 75 lessons in a module, therefore it’s about 150 minutes to complete one module.

This time is about two and half hours. Now, this is not certain that how many modules are going to be there in a language tree, but as we have taken the example of French language above, and on Duolingo French has about 155 modules, therefore by simple multiplication 2 hand half hour per module for 155 modules should  take about 387-388 hours.

Therefore this is a time or say hours you should need to complete one language (here French). Now it’s just a math and won’t be same for everyone. It is with the assumption that one keep his hearts or “lives” and can continue doing lessons.

Duolingo is like playing a  game

On Duolingo, there are Hearts which are are like “lives” in a video game, when you run out of hearts (lives) you have to go practice to earn hearts.

Your practice helps you learn the language, but you don’t advance in levels. Of course you will be learning but the time spent in practicing wouldn’t be count towards your progress. 

When signing up for Duolingo, you should set a daily goal. You can choose between 5, 10, 15 or 20 minutes a day, like spending 15 minutes a day, learning a new language.

Again let’s take the example of French language, about 388 hours makes 23,250 minutes, and if you divide it with 15, you get 1,550 days to finish a language, Which is a lot of days so you should probably give more time to it. Even 20 minutes a day would take about 3.2 years.

Can you finish a language on Duolingo in 6 months?

Just as an example,  about 388 hours you need to finish a language and in 6 months you have about 4320 hours.

So you can do the math, obviously it is possible. You can test out of levels to speed things along, but we’re keeping things simple here.

To finish a language tree on Duolingo in 6 months, you will need to spend a minimum of 130 minutes per day which is like about 2 hours 10 minutes, on Duolingo, for a full 180 days. 


The bottom line is that you can learn language within months if you pay enough attention. Some can learn it in one or two months, whlie others can take years. How easy aur hard the language is, also decides the  time.

Duolingo is one of the easiest and fun a way to learn any language you want. Since language is something without  which you can’t talk to people.

No doubt, you can learn languages, but what time will it take is the main concern. 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, 6 months or year, you can learn it according to your convenience and for your use.

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