How Long Does It Take For Freon To Settle In An Air Conditioner?

how long does it take for freon to settle in an air conditioner?

As we know this summer time and without a fan, cooler or air conditioner imagining our living will be quite painful. Especially during summer days a fan, cooler or air conditioner is like a must item in our home.

Among these three main items an air conditioner is one of the most used electrical appliance used for cooling purpose. Not only in homes of people, but also in their vehicles like cars, luxury buses even trains has air conditioners in them. Offices, shops, shopping malls, airplanes, there are plenty of places where air conditioners are used.

There is a common question that people search about, which is how long does it take for freon to settle in an air conditioner? Which is what we are going to discuss about here. Before knowing how much time it take to settle let us first know what is freon?

What is freon?

In definition,they are stable non-flammable low toxicity gases or liquid which is generally used as refrigerants and as aerosol propellants. In other language, the air conditioner in your home or anywhere else uses freon to cool the room or wherever they are installed.

The chlorofluorocarbons and hydrochlorofluorocarbons that causes the ozone layer depletion also includes in this.If your air conditioner needs to work fine there should be proper amount of freon in that. If your air conditioner is low on freon it won’t work the way it’s supposed to. Beside this there are also some other industrial uses of this compound.

How long does it take for freon to settle in an air conditioner?

When we talk about the time freon takes to settle in an air conditioner we generally talk about a portable air conditioner, a permanently installed air conditioner can be used frequently as soon as the installation is finished, means we don’t have to wait any longer after installation for our air conditioner to use.

Because the person who will install your air conditioner will know when the components have stabilized and he will test the system in right time.

The problem comes, of giving the time for freon to settle in an air conditioner is when it is portable, that is not permanently installed in a place. A portable air conditioner or any other refrigeration appliance takes around 5-30 minutes to settle all its fluids in right place in order to work properly.

Here 5 to 30 minutes means this time can vary depending on the circumstances and the type of air conditioner that you are using generally, Any kind of portable air conditioner should be allowed to rest about 30 minutes after being moved to any other place, that about 30 minutes of rest will allow fluids in it to settle into their proper places before that appliance is to start. Not given that required time, or starting to soon can potentially damage the appliance which is not something anybody would want.

So the answer of our question will be, it takes around 5-30 minutes for freon to settle in an air conditioner if it is portable. This time must be given to the appliance in order to keep it running smoothly.

Or we can also say that freon generally settles in an air conditioner within some minutes, depending on what type of air conditioner you are using and what are the circumstances. Beside refrigerant (freon), there is also oil in the air conditioner which takes much longer time to settle.

Sime other portable air conditioners or window units, requires only a few minutes for the refrigerant to settle evenly throughout the system of the ac. Which time the unit kicks off, the refrigerant has to settle again, and usually it only takes two to three minutes for this to happen.

But sometimes we don’t even have to watch the clock for this because nowadays air conditioner units come with some kind of delay timer usually set to 5 minutes. This delay timer prevents the system from being started before settling the refrigerants in order to protect it against any possible damage.

In case you use an old air conditioner you should be mindful of the downtime in between runs. Also there is another thing you should keep in mind that you should not tilt the unit on its back or side because due to this the oil inside the machine can accumulator on the systems compressor, which would make you wait longer for your AC to start up.

Now let us discuss more answers on how long does it takes for refrigerant to settle in AC of your car, also some other things that are  needed to keep in mind while dealing with AC and their internal compressors etc.

How long does freon takes to settle in a car air conditioner?

The air conditioners which are used in our cars are a bit different from those which are used in  our home or offices. Car air conditioners uses a refrigerant that usually needs to be recharged every few years, that means some how they need more service then the ones in our homes or offices. You have to do proper servicing of it time to time. If the system somewhere has a leak in it, it will need to be recharged more often  than usual.

This system in our vehicles are easy to charge, so there won’t be much of a problem in recharging its refrigerants. Unlike the air conditioners which we use in our home, there are no wait times to be able to use the air conditioner in our car since it is also kind of a fixed air conditioner, all its refrigerants, fluids, oil etc does not take any time to settle.

Speaking of recharging of refrigerants in our car’s air conditioner, it can take up to half hour or 30 minutes to charge a  system if the system is very low. When we start putting in freon, the compressor may not start turning until there is a  minimum required amount of freon. This recharging needs to be done over the period of few years, which could vary if there is a leakage or something in the system.

If we are talking about cars, cars used to use freon as refrigerant but it is is no longer allowed in the US to be made, therefore nowadays modern cars use another refrigerant for this purpose called R-134. Most vehicles don’t need refrigerant recharge more than every few years, the case could be different if there is a leak somewhere in the system.

What are the signs that your AC unit needs freon?

Mainly there are 4 signs that indicates whether your AC unit need freon or not. If you notice any of these in your AC you should understand that it is time to recharge your refrigerant ( freon)

1. If your electricity bill stars coming more than it used to be, it could be a sign that your air conditioning is using more electricity than its supposed to be. An air conditioner which needs refrigerant (means freon) will run longer and and also have to put more efforts in cooling your home, which will result more use of electricity.

2. If you notice warm air blowing from supply vents of your air conditioner, it will also mean that your AC unit needs freon charge. When there will be lack of freon the refrigerants will absorb heat from the air in your room and will transfer it outside, resulting warm air blowing from supply vents off the AC.

3. Formation of ice or Frost on the air conditioner could also mean the same thing that it needs freon charge. Due to lack of freon there will be problem in cooling down the room during which ice or Frost can be formed on the AC.

4. Also, if there is any kind of hissing or bubbling noise coming from the air conditioner it would also certainly mean the same thing. Lack of refrigerants will make other components work with more power rich can result a hissing or bubbling noise.

Any of these signs is not good, if you notice any of them you should know  that it is time for it to recharge.

How long the oil inside an air conditioner takes to settle?

We came to know here that refrigerants in an AC takes only a few minute to settle, but the oil in the system takes much longer time to settle. When the system is turned on its side or back you need to wait full 24 hours before restarting the unit however if the system remains upright there is only a little need to worry.

It is strictly instructed to not turn the unit on its side or back because it disrupt the settled oil which can build up on the systems compressor, and further this can lead to serious damage to the  air conditioner.

Means, oil cannot be compressed in the same way as freon can. If the system is starts before the oil has time to settle, the air conditioner could get damaged.

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