How long does it take to form a habit of working out?

Who in this world would not want a healthy life, I mean everybody in this world works hard so that  they can live a happy life and in order to do that one must have good health.

form a habit of working out?

Of course when we are talking about health, it includes physical as well as mental health. And workout is something that helps in both. A person who works out daily will definitely have a good physical health as well as good mental health.

Workout is important or say necessary for our health but, it should be done on regular basis as its not something you can do with breaks, I mean you can but it won’t be of any benefit.

So all and all we can say that you need to develop a habit of working out on daily basis and  then you can keep yourself healthy.

So now if a person decides to start work out, there is an obvious question that will come in his mind which is “how long does it take to form a habit of working out?” And this is what we are going to discuss here in this article.

What actually a habit is?

First of all let us know a little bit what actually a habit is. Suppose if you are someone who decides to develop a habit of say working out daily, now you won’t be able to do that for a longer period of time if that action doesn’t becomes your habit.

A habit is an action which you or anyone performs regularly like  as if you are on autopilot in which you won’t have to do anything but  it will happen automatically.

Anything which you do on regular basis, after sometime eventually becomes a habit and you don’t even have to do anything extra to keep doing that. it will be something like a part of your daily work and you will kind of like it.

Therefore its obvious that it is the same case with working out. When you will start working out, for some days it may feel like its a burden and you would want to get rid of it, but as you understand its importance and if you keep at it and don’t give up when it is feeling hard, your fitness journey will begin for which you will thank yourself your entire life.

How long does it take to form a habit of working out?

How long does it take to form a habit of working out?

There is a very good chance that you might have read somewhere that you need 21 days to develop a new habit or quit one.

This is an age-old adage that says it takes 21 days to form a habit. Of course this is not any random theory, there is some research behind this which proves that in some circumstances it is possible to develop or quit a habit in 21 days.

Of course this experiment wasn’t specially done for  the habits of working out, but it’s also not like there is no relation at all.

To form habit of working out it will take longer than the percived 21 days.

There is not any exact answer in numbers but studies have shown that in about 2 to 3 months one can form a habit of working out.

Now this time period can also vary from person to person, studies have also shown that for someone it takes only about a month to develop working out habit while some can took up to 8 months. Under what circumstances you are, is also a deciding factor.

What happens after you form a habit of working out?

Say you have formed a habit of working out daily, what after that? Working out becoming your habit does not mean that it will suddenly  become easy for you  and doing it will give you pleasure or you will breeze through every workout, you just won’t be needing any motivation or pressure from others to do your workout.

You won’t have to drag yourself to go to the fitness centre anymore, you would do it just like a part of your daily routine. You will look at it as a normal part of your day and without doing it your day won’t feel complete.

Once you have developed the habit of work out, you will automatically do it as a a daily routine, but as we said it will not suddenly become an easy thing to do,  which is actually  good because exercise should never feel easy.

As if you don’t  do it properly then you are probably not challenging yourself and that won’t make any progress. But once you make it one of your good habits and see its effect on your health you may even be excited to put on your workout clothes more often.

Differentiate between normal workout and habitual workout

As we all know, working out is not a simple thing in fact it is quite a complex behaviour. This is important that you know  that it will takes longer to actually form a habit than some normal or say simple actions.

You should be able to understand the difference between normally working out and habitual work out. And one of the best things you can do to make work out your habit is to do a lot of repetition at the beginning of the habit.

What we are trying to say here is, setting a workout schedule and going every time you are scheduled. Because as we said repetition is what it takes to form a habit in the beginning.

You can’t take days off at the beginning or it will even take longer to form that habit. Once your desired habit is established then any occasional day off won’t hurt, one missed workout won’t jeopardize your hard work, but again missing too many days will definitely hinder your progress seriously.

Steps to form a habit of working out

Anyone who works on developing a habit of workout or exercise into their life, can’t do it that easily. In order to do it the first step are often the hardest.

It’s like who would want to turn off the TV and head outdoors for a jog and exercise. But once you have determination and positive mindset you will eventually get there.

You should learn from your mistakes during the entire  process that how can you do it differently.

Once you have started working out you should ask questions from yourself  like am I having fun with my workouts? , or am I getting bored? Are my workouts are challenging enough? Am I seeing any progress in myself from my chosen workouts or they are the exercises that are not giving the results I want? 

Because what is the whole purpose of it if you are not getting benefitted. If you include those workouts in your routine  which are not fun or challenging enough then you will see them as work which you need to do but you don’t want to, on the other hand if they are fun and challenging you would want to workout and enjoy it. Once you start seeing progress in your body obviously you would want to do it more often.

You will need to put yourself on a workout/ sleep / eating plan. Because along with workout, sleep and food ( more precisely ‘diet’) are also important factors. Your sleep can cut into your momentum and motivation to continue with your new workout habit, and so can your diet.

For next some months you need to put yourself on a strict routine including clean eating and sufficient sleep. Once you start following a such pattern you can clearly see the difference it makes.

Also at the beginning you can try to go for workouts that you can do easily at homes so that you won’t be relying on going to the gym for any fitness centre to get sweating and work out. cardio, HIIT, kettlebell exercise, or strength exercise without the use of a bench are some that one can easily do at homes.


At last we can say working out is definitely a something that you should make your habit. And most oftenly asked question is that how long does it take to form a habit of this.

Although scientific studies have shown that it took its participants on average two months to form a new habit, but this is not like a fixed time for everyone.

It does not mean you will also take that long. You just need to find a form of exercise that you love and have a great time participating in it, and you can  make it your habit. 

It may be not that easy for you but what in this world is not possible. By doing it as it should be done, anyone can develop a habit of work out.

Doing it with the determination and  right strategy you may discover that your newfound addiction to working out is right around the corner.

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