How Long Does Chicken Soup Last In Fridge?

For how long the chicken soup in your fridge remains edible?

Well, the answer of this question will not be like a precise number, like one day, two days or 3 days.

How long will your cooked chicken soup last in your refrigerator would depend on the storage condition to a large extent.

If you store your chicken soup in proper condition with proper care it should remain edible for quite some time.

How long will it last  would also depend on for how long you keep it in open. The more you will keep it in open, possibility of it to spoil will increase.

If you want to maximize its time period of being good and edible you should put it in your refrigerator within 1 to 2 hours of preparing or purchasing it. Refrigerating your chicken soup within 1 to 2 hours of cooking it, will definitely help you with it.

How long does chicken soup last in fridge?

How long does chicken soup last in fridge?
How long does chicken soup last in fridge?

The general rule of storing a soup is that it can be stored in the fridge for about 2 to 3 days without getting spoiled. And since here we are talking about chicken soup, chicken soup usually lasts somewhere between 3 to 5 days in your fridge. But this is  just  say a  general time interval, sometimes it can also be stored for up to a week without getting spoiled, but again it will greatly depend on the storage conditions, on the ingredients that are being used to prepare that soup etc.

Also there are some other things which you should also keep in mind in order to maximize the shelf life of your cooked chicken soup for its safety and quality. To do so so you need to refrigerate the chicken soup promptly in uncovered airtight containers so that they cannot affect its  quality, or say  your soup can not react with air. Airtight containers helps to keep your food healthy  for a relatively long time. You can use any container like plastic containers or glass containers, but sometimes using a glass airtight container has some benefits.

If you are considering cooking chicken soup you should make it a point to cook only as much  soup as you require. Because cooking more and then storing it  would only be like an unnecessary thing. In comparison of vegetarian soups, chicken soup becomes unpalatable much before.

Vegetarian soups can last upto a week but the case with chicken soup is different, obviously the ingredients which are used while preparing the soup matters a lot, but in this too, chicken soup has a shorter time period. In case there is some left over of the soup after consuming some, then a refrigerator is a must, without it your soup won’t last  even for some hours.

As we all know, low temperature is favourable for storation of food. The lower temperature will maintain the nutrition level of your soup to a considerable extent and at the same time will also ensure the same taste of it. Even though one time use of the soup is highly recommended, it is the best way to go about it.

Chicken soup has a short lifespan in comparison to some of the other vegetarian soup, and this is so because of the main ingredient of this soup which is chicken. Sense chicken is meat, the time interval for it to become spoiled is less. Speaking of other vegetarian soups, they last longer as the sole preparation is done using only  plant materials which is even in the case of mushroom soup.

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What about freezing your chicken soup?

If there is a need to produce the soup in  large amount or say in bulk, then freezing it can be one of the best reliable options. But once you choose this option, you should not expect the same freshness and tenginess from the soup as it was before, when the soup will be used after freezing its taste and quality both will be different.

In case the soup goes bad the chicken in it would start looking a bit darkened and the fluid part would also begin to stink, but there are some ways by which  you can delay it.

The tip to add a small amount of vinegar can delay this. In fact one of the main factor which leads to different storage durations of chicken soup is the vinegar content.

Adding vinegar increases the lifespan of chicken soup in case the vinegar is step is skipped, the soup will last less when there is vinegar in it. Although adding vinegar is beneficial for  lifespan of soup, fresh consuming is always advisable.

In some cases, when the purpose of preparation of the soup is for future serving then vinegar becomes an essential ingredient. Vinegar acts as a natural preservative and it also has added health benefits. After using vinegar there is not much effect on taste. Since the vinegar is highly acidic in nature it enhances the taste of the soup while also increasing its lifespan.

What should be the temperature?

Then there is another question which is, for how long can cooked chicken soup be safely left at room temperature? As we all know, when the temperature is high the possibility of growing of bacteria in our food increases.

Bacterias on our food grows rapidly at temperatures between 40 degree Fahrenheit to 140 degree fahrenheit which is like 0 to 60 degree in Celsius.

That is why while storing the soup the temperature there should be less than 40 degree fahrenheit or less than a Celsius. Now inside our fridge temperature is not same everywhere  and since we need the the proper temperature for it, it is better if the soup is stored in the the inner shelf of the fridge where we can find our required temperature.

If you want to freeze your chicken soup the temperature of the freezer should be  at 0 degree fahrenheit. Only the cooked chicken soup that has been kept constantly frozen at zero degree fahrenheit will keep safe indefinitely, this is when the freezer time shown is for the best quality.

At room temperature bacteria grows rapidly in our food, if you need to put your cooked chicken soup in open at room temperature putting it back in the fridge within 1 to 2 hours will be  good. Chicken soup should be discarded if  left for more than 2 hours at room temperature, as the chicken and other ingredients in it will start spoiling.

How long does cooked chicken soup last after being frozen and thawed?

Let’s say you cooked chicken soup for yourself.  and then you froze it, then you have to thaw it to use, cooked chicken soup that has been thawed in the refrigerator can be kept for additional 3 to 4 days in the the fridge before cooking.

You can either use a microwave are you can use cold water to thaw that frozen chicken soup, chicken soup that was thawed in cold water or in microwave should be eaten immediately in order to avoid any bacterial problem related to it, since bacterias can grow in it.

How will you know if your cooked chicken soup is bad?

Obviously sometimes you can just tell whether your chicken soup is right or not by just looking at it or by smelling it. If your cooked chicken soup develops an off odor you should avoid eating it as it can most possibly be not fit to eat, also sometimes off flavour or off appearance can also indicate the same thing, also if you notice any  difference  in your soup avoiding  it would be good for you. Also, appearing mold in it will surely indicate its spoilage. If you see any mold you should discard it immediately.

But sometimes to tell whether your soup is is good to eat or not, you need to  taste it so that you can tell the difference whether it’s good or not. Bacteria which develops in it might make us sick, therefore avoiding spoiled or bad soup is recommended.


Chicken soup is one of the important recipes out there which is prepared using diced pieces of chicken or shredded chicken. Of course, since it is a soup there will also be other ingredients, other  additions include carrots, onions, tomatoes beans,  turnips, corn etc. Cream, toppings, sauce and some other items are also there.

The cooking process  of this recipe might vary from region to region, but once prepared and if some of it remains uneaten, then storing it  would be quite the same for all. Whether you have made that soup in your home or bought it from somewhere else, its proper storage is essential for the left over. Since it has chicken storing it for a long time might not be a good idea, in some places people generally prepare only the base of the soup before and then add chicken and toppings while serving the soup.

If you are storing it in your fridge you should know  the time  upto which this will remain edible. Freezing it to keep it longer is an option for you but  using it again kills the natural nutrients in it, and somehow make the soup unhealthy.

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